Conversational Marketing is the NEW NORMAL

Sep/12 By

Conversational marketing is a whole new approach in doing business nowadays. With the global pandemic, consumers have now embraced transacting with businesses via chat. Conversational marketing provides a new and

Scalability: An Outsourcing Advantage

Feb/25 By

The greatest advantage of outsourcing is that it can be flexible. Outsourcing has the capability to quickly increase with an already trained staff that can handle the increase in volume

Amazing Outsourcing Benefits Overlooked By Companies

Feb/25 By

While the main benefit of outsourcing is lower costs, businesses would do well to consider its other benefits as well. One is scalability without the fixed costs. Companies like yours

How Cities Grow Smart through Digital Transformation

Jan/17 By

Digital transformation has helped build businesses of the 21st century. This innovation thrives in smart cities in reshaping our quality of life. By 2050, the world population is expected to