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Beverly Hills Street, Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, 2400
US Toll Free: 1-866-256-5455


Think outside of the box

Think outside of the box

Experts said that it can’t be done in Pangasinan. We don’t have enough talent. We don’t have a US office. We don’t have the technology. We don’t have millions needed to setup a call center. We are here to prove the experts wrong. (Except for the last part). We are plucky. We tried, failed, learned and grew in the process. We bring this same spirit to our every engagement. Make it work for you.

Our Core Competence

FarmOut Central Intouch Incorporated (FOCI) is a Contact Center Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in the Republic of the Philippines. Our strengths lie in our firm understanding of management best practices, years of experience in the field of information technology and above all a total commitment to the needs of our customers. Our services include Helpdesk Service and Technical Support for Microsoft products, Cisco, and Linux as well as office backroom operations e.g. Data Storage, Data Entry, General Accounting, Credit and Collections, Claims Processing, Billing, Payroll, Copy Writing and Editing, Customer Support, Medical, Legal, and Business Transcription and other Virtual Secretarial Services.

We’ve got your back

Fueled by more than 18 years of information technology experience backed up by fluent English speaking certified IT professionals and professional business and finance practitioners, FOCI is YOUR reliable partner in rendering excellent quality service to your valuable clients.

FOCI has a state of the art network infrastructure managed by IT professionals with globally recognized IT certifications from key technology providers like Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and CompTIA. To add further resolve in FOCI’s quest to provide a reliable backroom service, management practitioners from various sectors e.g. banking, medical, services, government etc. hold key positions in the company.

Our English is accent-neutral. It is quite and easily understandable by both North American and British speakers. Our personnel are proficient and fluent in the English language making us more competitive in the field of BPO services. English is in fact the primary medium of instruction in all of the universities in the Philippines.

With FOCI, No Job is too Small

While other BPOs require a minimum of fifty to one hundred seats, FOCI makes no such demand. This will enable smaller companies to compete head on with larger companies and become more focused in relationships with their valued clients. We can start with a single seat. We grow when your business grows.

We will help your company compete head on with your competitors by allowing you to focus on your core business and relationships with valued clients while entrusting your backroom operations to FOCI. Small and dynamic companies now have the same luxury of lower operating costs while increasing product and service values.

FOCI’s Commitment: We always go the extra mile

FarmOut Central Intouch Incorporated believes in its flexibility and ability to adapt instantly. to the needs of our clients. To achieve customer satisfaction, we can easily shift our manpower to focus on the current needs of our clients, rendering and maintaining the quality of service that surpasses customer expectations.


1. What campaigns have you done?

We have done the following campaigns:

  1. Home Mortgage
  2. Dish Network
  3. Debt Consolidation
  4. Appointment Settings for Accountants, Newspapers and Real Estate Advisors
  5. Human Resource Support and Back End Business Processes
  6. Telemarketing for Various Products and Services
  7. Charity Donation and Pledges Telemarketing Campaigns

2. Do you require a Deposit?

Yes we do. Unfortunately, there are clients out there that abuse their call center providers. We take pride in delivering results and it would be fair to not have to worry about getting paid.

3. How soon can we get my campaign started?

It depends on the complexity of your campaign. The process usually takes 2 to 4 weeks and involves determining your goals and agreeing to set standards of performance. In the industry we call this “metrics”. Once we have the goals and metrics in hand, our next step will be to determine and allocate the neccessary resources to the campaign. These include the number of agents, QA, team lead, supervisors, phone line circuit and the number of leads required to achieve your set targets.

4. Do I get to choose my agents?

Yes you do. We will setup a video conference so you can evaluate the agents that you want to handle your campaign.

5. How long before the optimal results are achieved?

Typical campaign histories have shown that agents attain maximum efficiency levels from 3 weeks to 5 weeks on the campaign.

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