7 Things To Do When You Feel Stuck At Home

May/6 By

In this pandemic, millions of people are affected. A total lockdown or home quarantine was enforced by many countries. It may be stressful to be stuck at home during the

WHO: “Do The Five”

Mar/22 By

Here are the FIVE SIMPLE STEPS on how to help stop the coronavirus. Let us all help #flattenthecurve. The World Health Organization advises the public to follow these simple steps

The Fight Against COVID-19

Mar/19 By

Due to enhanced community quarantine, please follow all the rules implemented and let us all help in the fight against the virus. This little act has a huge impact.

Authorized Persons Outside Residence

Mar/19 By

As of March 17, 2020 at 8:00 PM, the Philippine National Police released a list of authorized persons who will be allowed to be outside of their residence during the

Testing Face Shields @work

Feb/20 By

With Covid-19 scare, it pays to be proactive in deploying counter measures. The face shields also help with audio quality by helping reduce ambient noises.