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Beverly Hills Street, Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, 2400
US Toll Free: 1-866-256-5455

Trip Incentive to Singapore

Farmout Central, a philippine call center is sending 10 of our top staff members at our Philippine call center to Singapore! The ranking mechanics are as follows:

1. First Top 4 staff members to have the highest appointments that DO show up for the period Oct 1, 2006 to December 23, 2006 will qualify for the reward.

2. First Top 4 agents to have the highest composite score for the period from Oct 1, 2006 to December 23, 2006 , computed as follows:

  • Longest Overall talk time (40%)
  • Shortest average handling time for inbound calls (30%)
  • Total Number of calls handled (Inbound and Outbound) (15%)
  • Shortest average handling time for outbound calls (15%)

Staff members can win only ONCE in either of the two categories. Team Leader and Assistant Team leader automatically qualify for the incentive. In case of tie, highest  adherance of the agents will be the tie breaker.

The trip is not convertible to cash, and neither can it be assigned to another person.