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Problems Pronouncing your Ps and Fs?

Here is a helpful tip from Jonathan D.

A handful of people that we encounter at the Philippine Call Center Training Center have what we call a lingual confusion for the letters P & F. This is not to be treated lightly.As I have encountered in a lot of the recorded calls in my QA assignments , P&F confusion can cause some trouble in a call. Agents can be misconstrued whenever referring to “Packing Slips” for orders made through the phone. Imagine the P pronounced as F. I know… it really sounds lewd.

So how do we fix it. Well at our Training Center, we have the “45.1” exercise. Here, the trainee counts from forty-five point 1 to forty-five point nine. While saying the numbers, the student can be assessed for mispronouncing and confusing forty with porty or five with payv. Sometimes, even the word point can be mispronounced as foint. This exercise may be done at least 5 times in a day to help get rid of the P&F confusion. It has been successful with most of our trainees who religiously perform their exercises.

I thought of this idea in support to, but not in lieu of tongue twisters. It’s a lot shorter and a bit more effective, based on my 3 years of experience in teaching. Try it! It could work.