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Irate Callers? Bring it on!

 Here’s a new tip circulating in the emails of call center agents. This talks about handling irate callers. This is a really good tip and we can’t afford to isolate this to emails. So… here it is.

Read on and learn.

As a telephone customer service agent, you are often the first contact a customer has with a company. When you’re working with customers directly, you’ll eventually have to help customers who are irate. During these conversations, it’s important to focus on your job and solving the problem at hand. You’re being paid to assist customers – the good and the bad. Take a deep breath and follow these tips to successfully handle angry callers.

Don’t Personalize

Regardless of the negative attitudes or unpleasant tones of angry callers, it is essential that you, the customer service representative, do not get emotional, too. The first key to successfully handling these calls is to remember not to personalize anything these callers say to you. The easiest way to do this is to remember not to react to anything angry callers say. Instead, take a moment to hear what they’re saying and offer a response that will help calm them rather than incite them. Using phrases like, “I hear what you’re saying,” or “I understand,” can help calm angry callers.

Listen and Be Patient

Don’t interrupt angry callers. Be patient and let them finish speaking. Sometimes they just need to vent their frustrations then they can relax a bit and work with you as you try to resolve their problem. Sometimes they aren’t interested in getting help at all. Instead, they may simply want to voice their anger and complaint. If the customer knows you’re listening and want to help them, there is a strong likelihood they’ll calm down.


Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. An angry customer has a problem, and they need you, the customer service agent, to help them fix it. How would you feel if you were in the same situation? What would you want a customer service agent to say to you in a similar situation to make you feel better? Those are the same words any angry caller wants to hear. They want to know you understand, and they want reassurance that you can help them.


A critical component to successfully handling angry callers is to apologize to them. Even if you know the customer is wrong, take a moment to apologize for the inconvenience the confusion caused. Many angry callers simply want acknowledgment from the company that a mistake was made. For other callers, an apology is the first step to overcoming their anger and opening a dialogue about resolving the problem.

Offer Solutions

As the customer service representative, it is your responsibility to resolve customers’ problems. Once you’ve identified the problem, you need to take responsibility for finding a solution that not only follows company policies but also satisfies the customer. If you aren’t able to resolve the customer’s problem immediately, offer reassurance that the problem is being worked on and will be resolved for the customer. Provide details about the next steps you or the company will take to resolve the problem and ensure the customer leaves with realistic expectations at the end of the call.

Bring Closure

Your goal is to bring closure to every call whether that means a completed sale, a change of address or resolution to a problem from an angry caller. By working with this goal in mind each time you answer the phone, you’ll be setting yourself up for success, and you’ll be offering customers first-rate service.

Hope you learned something here! God bless! -Jonathan