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How to Maximize Job Satisfaction

Here are four easy ways to increase your job satisfaction from MSN Career Center:
1. Think positive
While you might think your job is the worst on the planet, everything has a silver lining. For starters, be grateful you have a job at all. Putting things in perspective – realizing everyone has a bad day at work and everyone has to start somewhere – you might begin to feel better about your situation.
2. Challenge yourself
If your boss won’t challenge you, challenge yourself. Set goals for yourself every day – aim to make 10 phone calls per hour or send 15 e-mails to clients. Develop mini-projects within your work and set deadlines for yourself to avoid boredom.
3. Reward yourself
Recognition is important for every employee. For every goal or challenge met, reward yourself. Make yourself a certificate to put in your cube or treat yourself to a ‘personal day’ off work. Don’t let your own hard work go unnoticed by anyone, even yourself.
4. Break up the monotony
No one likes doing the same thing day in and day out. To switch things up, take advantage of any breaks you have – get out of the office for lunch, take a walk, read a book or just get some fresh air. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your boss for new tasks for a small change of pace.