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Effects of Night Shift on Health


People who work nights are keener to a dangerous heart condition – possibly because of the chronic stress caused by their work patterns. A research suggests that employees who worked in day shifts are more safe then the night shift employees.

The chances of heart attack are very high for the night shift employees few more reasons are lack of sleep, continue stressing etc, chronic stress is cited as the main reason. The researchers say an irregular heartbeat can be an indicator a person will go on to develop more serious heart problems.
Mostly it happens because human body�s natural circadian rhythms tell that the concerned person should not be working when he or she should take sleep. Many of our physical and chemical roles keep fluctuating during different times of the day. Take for example; let me tell you something about cortisol concentration which changes daily.

Cortisol is the most potent glucocorticoid produced by the human adrenal.
This peaks during the morning hours when glucose is needed for activity and reaches its low point late in the evening. So the chances of heart attacks are very high in the morning time.

It is important to take a proper rest while working in the night shift at call centers and we can avoid the heart attacks.