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Director of First Impressions

This article by Rebecca Morgan appeared in the CATS Recruit section of The Sunday Times (Singapore) where she poses the new perspective of looking at call center agents as “Directors of First Impression”.

Truly, call center agents that answer the phone for and in behalf of our clients really ‘direct’ and impact the first impressions the callers have about the principal’s company. How well we do or don’t directly affects the perception.

Here are some things we can do to put our best voice forward:

  • 1. Remember you are the voice of your organization.
  • 2. Answer the phone every time with focus.
  • 3. Ensure your voice is upbeat and friendly.
  • 4. Enunciate your words.
  • 5. Respond pleasantly but briefly
  • 6. Use hold and mute only where appropriate.
  • 7. Dont make the caller repeat his story.
  • 8. Stay on the line when transferring a call.
  • 9. Repeat the caller’s name while taking a message
  • 10. End the call politely and professionally.