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IBPAP Executive Leadership Summit

Executive Leadership Summit

Executive Leadership Summit

On March 2-3, 2016Viventis Search Asia and PEAK learning will be hosting the first Philippine Executive Leadership Summit. This is a groundbreaking event that will bring together top executives from all over the country to learn about the importance of GRIT and Resiliency in today`s adversity-rich world.

Leading the event is the founder and expertbehind GRIT and ResiliencyDr. Paul G Stoltz. He authored four international bestselling books on the subject and was voted by Executive Excellence as “One of the 100 Most Influential Thinkers of Our Time”.

Dr. Stoltz will be joined by esteemed guests and thought leaders such as Steve Burrill (Managing Partner at Deloitte), Scott Pugh (Global Account Manager at LinkedIn), and Karen Davila (award-winning broadcast journalist), among others. He will also be leading facilitated conversations and panel discussions on topics such as:

  • The Adveristy Advantage – Leading in the New Normal
  • Forging a Gritty, Resilient Culture
  • Thriving versus Surviving in Adversity-Rich Times
  • Harnessing Adversity to Fuel Growth and Results
  • The Female Advantage – Women`s Role in Leading through Adversity
  • Building the Grisilient Organization and Team

We invite you to take part in this one of a kind learning opportunity. Below are the rates:

WHOLE 2-DAY SUMMIT DAY 1 (MARCH 2, 2016) DAY 2 (MARCH 3, 2016)
PHP 30,000  PHP 15,000 PHP 22,000

However, for IBPAP members, we are offering the following discounts:

  • 10% for whole two-day summit attendance
  • 5% for whole one-day summit attendance

For group rates, please call Viventis Search Asia at 637 5636.

If you would like to see more information on the Philippine Executive Leadership Summit, visit: