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FOCI Training Center – Going for the Best!

FarmOut Training Center has now raised the bar for call center candidate training! In its pursuit of producing high quality and exceptionally competent customer service agents, FOCI-TC is introducing a new system of skills assessment.

This new Skills Assessment Technique shall have a great way of ensuring that the people who pass our training are more than aptly qualified for call center work. This new system also guarantees that the best people get to have their right for student employment placement priority.

The new assessment method starts out with a first draft screening wherein a student gets to be evaluated on all call center skills with emphasis on listening comprehension and conversational skills. Once a student passes the call center evaluation’s first draft, he shall be given priority for endorsement into the various call center partners we have including our own FarmOut Contact Center.

If a trainee does not pass the first draft, then a thorough review and training on call center skills shall be required of him/her. After this, the trainee shall have a another chance with the second draft. Once passed, this trainee shall be included on the next option of recruitment with various BPOs. This process continues on up to a third draft. If by any chance, a trainee could not pass the last required assessment procedure, then he shall be required to undergo career counselling and see if customer service work is really his/her field. This could also give him the opportunity for other trainings that he could be cut out for such as Transcription training.

This assessment method shall ensure that the contact centers we are in partner with are only receiving the highest quality of employees that only FOCI-TC can produce. This shall guarantee a long lasting relationship with our BPO partners which means more job opportunities for our fellow Pangasinenses.

We aim to produce only the best, and give these best graduates the best option for work!