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FOCI Mulls Expansion in the Philippines and Across Asia

By: Jobi C. Millar, VP-Marketing and Business Development 

After experiencing a banner year and tremendous growth in 2005, FOCI Management committee is upbeat of expanding its reach across the Philippines and hopefully among its Asian neighbors. Jane Chua, President of Farmout, explains, “We really had conservative estimates last year given the size of the industry plus the competition but we are simply amazed by our performance, which has surpassed our expectations. We attribute this to the right mix of people and of course we have a state of the art of technology. Therefore, our team was able to render excellent customer service which lead to a high level of customer satisfaction. Flexibility is also a key success factor and if you just put the right minds behind a seemingly insurmountable task anything is just possible.”
FOCI is currently exploring other regions in the Philippines where it hopes to establish more call center farms so to speak. Wilson Chua, CIO of Farmout further adds, “With the sheer volume of inquiries, we expect to ramp up into a thousand seats or more so we are definitely farming out these opportunities to qualified centers. The bigger picture is this will spur economic activity in different parts of the Philippines giving a good number of employment opportunities. For me, giving jobs is bliss.”

Going global is part of the vision of Farmout and so it is eyeing several Asian neighbors as a base to serve other non English speaking countries. Mark Viegelmann, legal administrator and finance officer of Farmout says, “It may not be far fetched to see a Farmout Central Office based in Shanghai or even in Vietnam. For example, there are a fairly good number of French speaking people in Vietnam and this could serve our clients based in Paris or Lyon. And of course, Mandarin is beginning to be an essential tool in world business and so having a center in Shanghai and recruiting career agents who are also adept in English makes sense. We will be able to serve queries of both westerners and Chinese or in other words, nothing will be lost in translation. We clearly emphasize that with our technology (and good looks) we can bring Farmout anywhere.”

For inquiries about establishing Farmout Central in your city or region, please e-mail: .

Feb. 2, 2006
FOCI Officer is a Keynote Speaker in e-Services Expo 
On February 17, 2006, Farmout’s VP for Marketing, Mr. Jobi C. Millar, will be a keynote speaker for Pangasinan during the 6th Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel Bohol Ballroom. This event is organized by e-services Philippines under the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). Mr. Millar will be discussing key points why Pangasinan should be the Mecca to setup contact centers and BPOs. With Mr. Millar’s presentation, Farmout hopes to attract more investors into the province to spur more economic activity and create more employment opportunities for Pangasinenses. The event will also showcase the contact center prowess (aside from the presenter’s good looks) of Farmout to attract more clients for its services.
E-Services Philippines is Asia’s premiere IT and e-Services conference and exhibition. This annual meeting provides organizations contemplating an outsourcing relationship, investors, and ancillary industries the opportunity to meet, network, and build relationships with the Philippines’ premiere ITES providers in one venue.

For further details about the event please visit e-services Philippines < >.