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Back to Basics leads to Telemarketing Success

TeleResources (NewsAlert), Inc. recently published the white paper, “Understanding Telemarketing: A Quick Start Guide to Telemarketing Success.” In this report, the company provides key basics that are important for every call center that performs outbound or telemarketing services.

One of the first things to consider when designing a call center that will perform telemarketing services is the design. This is not to say the design of the building, but the design of the center.

Will it be a traditional brick and mortar building or will it be a virtual center supporting home-based agents? Will it be onshore, nearshore or offshore? And, will it only conduct outbound calls? Clearly defining the design of the call center helps to determine the correct approach to other elements within the center.

Next, the center must consider its most important asset – its agents. The center must be able to clearly define the type of individual they are looking for to fill the role of the agent; the duties that will be assigned to the agent; and what tools the call center will provide to ensure that the agent is able to perform his or her job well.

The call center also needs to consider technology. Whether it is viewed as a blessing or a curse, technology is now essential for the call center. It can help to reduce time and costs, while improving productivity and customer service.

Metrics are very important in the call center arena. A complete understanding of practical metrics and how they are effective is essential to success. The center must also be able to explain the practicality of the offer and the demographics of the market that it is being marketed to in order to be effective.

Costs are also an important consideration in the call center. The organization must be able to figure its return on investment, which is easily the most important aspect. It must also know its telemarketing costs, quality assurance practices, and effective reporting.

Without clear and close attention to these aspects, the telemarketing practices could easily get out of control and cost the organization more than the benefits they are established to provide. Such a contradiction can also lead to unhappy customers that eventually lead to the loss of business.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC (NewsAlert) and has also written for To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page