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Farmout Call Center Philippines and Accredited Call Center Philippines Trainers

Harapan Episode 1 Transcript

Feb/26 By

0:00:38.5 [Video playing] [Music] Davila:            Harapan na Pilipinas. Siyam na kandidato sa pagka-senador haharap sa taumbayan, live. [Crowd cheering] Elchico:          Animnapu’t dalawa ang naglalaban-laban para sa labindalawang pwesto sa Senado.

Dept of Labor’s JobStart Inspection Tour

Oct/3 By

Farmout was visited recently by the JobStart team from Dept of Labor and its Canadian Head of Cooperation: Allan Dexter Meneses – PESO representative Myra Sanchez – Team Leader, Program

DOLE’s JOBStart Awardees

Aug/23 By

Awarding of certificates of completion for DOLE’s JobStarters 2018 with Project Coordinator Vener Calimag, Jobstart Consultant Allan Meneses and Senior Labor and Employment Officer Jeredy Orate.

ABS-CBN Covers Get Ready to Code Event

Feb/7 By

Photo shows Ms Michie Ang, rockstar programmer being interviewed by Patricia of ABS CBN for the Get Ready to Code Event held at Farmout Central Intouch today.

Farmout Hosts “Get Ready to Code”

Jan/31 By

Inviting all kids ages 7-18 y/o and ICT teachers and facilitators of Dagupan City. Multi awarded Michie Ang is conducting an hour of code event in your city this coming

New Facilities @ Farmout

Jul/24 By

GroundBreaking Ceremonies for 2nd Facility

May/3 By

In line with expected peak season for this year, Farmout management and staff shown below participated in the ground breaking ceremonies to usher in our 2nd facility. This new facility

Farmout Provides Transcript for Presidential Debates

Apr/24 By

Our congratulations to the Transcription Team for delivering the full transcripts of the Presidential Townhall Debates held at the University of Pangasinan, Dagupan in under 2 hours.  The official transcripts

Lego Serious Play Trainors

Mar/2 By

Raymond and Jenny (certified Lego Serious Trainers) at the Contact Center Asia 2016 Workshop. The training allowed participants to discover how Play, using Lego Serious Play systems was able to

IBPAP Executive Leadership Summit

Feb/23 By

On March 2-3, 2016, Viventis Search Asia and PEAK learning will be hosting the first Philippine Executive Leadership Summit. This is a groundbreaking event that will bring together top executives from all over the country