FOCI Training Center – Going for the Best!

Nov/16 By

FarmOut Training Center has now raised the bar for call center candidate training! In its pursuit of producing high quality and exceptionally competent customer service agents, FOCI-TC is introducing a new system

Five9 Auto Email of Voicemails

Nov/10 By has a new feature that was a big boon to our center. Previously, we had to asked an agent to log in to the five9 interface to be able

Farmout is ready for the New Consumer

Nov/3 By

According to research from Rostrvm Solutions, customers are beginning to demand multimedia contact but most call centers are far from ready to meet expectations. Farmout according to the definition raised

Why Farmout Bans Cellphones

Nov/3 By

As a matter of policy, Farmout does not allow Cellphones or USB type devices into our call center. This is primarily due to security concerns from our principals. Still a

What is the 2nd Wave of Outsourcing

Nov/1 By

According to some entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and offshoring veterans, the 2nd wave of outsourcing will be the globalization of consumer services. They predict that early adopters will one day include