Rainyday Health Tips

Aug/15 By

Hi there! Jonathan here with some rainyday tips. It’s the season for tropical rains and typhoons again. Call center workers usually fall prey to a lot of diseases during this season because of

The lighter side of call centers

Aug/14 By

All call center agents have one or more crazy, comedic situations that they get tied up in. As a matter of fact, these hilarious events have been circulating in the

Problems Pronouncing your Ps and Fs?

Aug/13 By

Here is a helpful tip from Jonathan D. A handful of people that we encounter at the Philippine Call Center Training Center have what we call a lingual confusion for the letters

Common Mistakes in Transcription

Aug/13 By

1. Whose versus Who’s Who’s represents the combination of Who and is . If the word can be broken into “who is”, then use “who’s.” “Who’s that handsome man over

Teleformix Echo2.8 Call Recording Solution

Aug/10 By

Farmout is happy to note that Teleformix has released its Echo v 2.8 call recording solution. It has been enhanced to simplify the contact center e-training process. Agents can now

DTI Supports PhilCall

Aug/10 By

Top officials of Philippine Alliance of Call Centers (PhilCall) of which Farmout is a member, held a dialogue last week with the Department of Trade to discuss problems affecting the