English Reference Materials for Philippine Call Center Agents

Nov/20 By

Several reference materials ordered by Farmout (Call Center Philippines) arrived recently. These reference materials include “The Chicago Manual of Style”, 15th Edition The University of Chicago Press and “The Elements

Bilingual Agents Needed for Call Center Philippines

Nov/16 By

Farmout is currently looking for Bi-lingual agents that can speak both English and Spanish fluently for our Philippine Call Center operations. We are also looking for bi-lingual trainors to help

Five9’s social program

Nov/15 By

Farmout congratulates Five9.com for its laudable social program involving US veterans. “In conjunction with Five9, the Purple Heart Service Foundation is providing Veterans of this country with rigorous and comprehensive

BOI update for Farmout’s Call Center Philippine Operations

Nov/14 By

Farmout is pleased to note that BOI has approved our request to have the terms and conditions of our BOI Certificate REg no 2005-168 from : “The ITH incentives shall

Farmout Graduates find Gainful Employment in Philippine Call Centers

Nov/3 By

Our Training Center Administrator, Ms Yvette Pascual reports: The following FOCI graduates are offered a job or are currently working in various Philippine call centers:  Agapito E. Posadas Jr. Margie

Australian DNC info for Philippine Call Centers

Nov/2 By

Source: ZDNet Telemarketers will have to abide by a national Do Not Call register in 2007, after the federal government announced it would soon introduce legislation to protect consumers. The

Sarbanes-Oxley Info for Philippine Call Centers

Nov/1 By

SOX in this case refers to Sarbanes-Oxley. In a BusinessWeek article : Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is the corporate equivalent of root canal. Big public companies spent thousands